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Detroit Diesel Parts Direct

Diesel Specialists, LLC: Exporter of the Year 2013

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877.480.2120 (U.S.)
225.706.4852 (Int.)
Monday-Friday 7am-5pm CST

Detroit Diesel Remanufactured Parts

A Large Selection of Remanufactured Parts

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For over 35 years, Diesel Specialists, LLC has been well known in South Louisiana for being the leading supplier of quality remanufactured components to independent distributors. This reputation has propelled our product line across the globe, and we now sell our Detroit Diesel parts to quality-conscious resellers and rebuilders in almost every country in the world. We have such confidence in the superiority of our remanufactured parts, we use them in our own rebuilt engines, most of them being shipped with a one year warranty.

Please download our remanufactured parts catalog for a current listing of the hundreds of rebuilt components we carry or request your parts quote today! Our knowledgeable staff will promptly return complete pricing and availability for your review.

You may also call us at 877.480.2120 to inquire about current pricing and availability of all Detroit Diesel engine parts.

Detroit Diesel Remanufactured Cylinder Heads

This is the product line that cemented our reputation in the industry; Diesel Specialists, LLC has always been well known for the quality of our remanufactured Detroit Diesel cylinder heads as we observe the following procedures:

Detroit Diesel remanufactured cylinder head

  • All incoming cylinder heads are disassembled with all plugs removed and chemically cleaned;
  • Head castings are measured for thickness before and after being surfaced;
  • Castings are pressure tested with new injector tubes installed;
  • Valve seats are cut to specification on our computer controlled seat cutting machine which ensures proper valve-to-seat mating;
  • Cylinder heads are assembled using new valves, springs, guides, seals and cam follower rollers and pins;
  • Rocker arms and valve bridges are reclaimed or remanufactured as needed; and
  • Cylinder heads are supplied with new plugs.

Detroit Diesel Remanufactured Blowers

Diesel Specialists, LLC has been a leading supplier of remanufactured Detroit Diesel blowers for over 35 years. Our parts' quality is equal to, or even better than Detroit Diesel Reliabilt, and come with the same one year warranty. Every blower is:

Detroit Diesel remanufactured blower

  • Completely disassembled and laundered in our own cold acid wash to remove all impurities from the housing, rotors, and components;
  • Thoroughly cleaned with a buffer to remove any remaining gasket material prior to being reassembled with a complete blower repair kit; unlike many companies that only replace defective components, Diesel Specialists, LLC always throws away all old bearings and seals, and reassembles the unit using a complete repair kit; and
  • All blowers go through an extensive testing process to check clearances and performance prior to being added to our inventory and shipped to our customers.

Detroit Diesel Remanufactured Connecting Rods

Detroit Diesel remanufactured connecting rod

There are very few companies that invest as much time, effort, and money into their connecting rods as we do at Diesel Specialists, LLC. We have a considerable number of assets designed to ensure that every produced connecting rod meets or exceeds Detroit Diesel specifications. This includes checking the length (center to center), twist, and bend of every rod.

For trunk style applications, we systematically replace all bushings with new ones, instead of just checking the rods for damaged bushings. Our disposal rate is incredibly high because we stock nothing but the absolute best connecting rods on our shelves.

Download our Complete List of Detroit Diesel Remanufactured Parts

Diesel Specialists, LLC. offers much more than cylinder heads, blowers, and connecting rods; we also provide quality remanufactured governors, fuel pumps, water pumps, turborchargers, and many other Detroit Diesel parts. Please download our free remanufactured parts catalog for an exhaustive directory of our products.

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