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Detroit Diesel V 71 Series Parts

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Detroit V 71 Series: Continuing the Legacy

Detroit Diesel V 71 Series Engine

Expanding the possible utilizations of the Inline 71, Detroit Diesel introduced the model in V configuration in 1957 with modifications like needle valve type injectors, aluminium blocks and turbo charging.

The V 71 series is offered in 6, 8 12, 16, and 14 cylinders versions and used in various industrial, construction, highway, and marine applications.

Find Detroit V 71 Series Parts

We carry a large assortment of new and remanufactured parts for the following models:

  • 6V71
  • 6V71T
  • 8V71
  • 8V71T
  • 8V71TI
  • 12V71
  • 12V71TA
  • 12V71TI
  • 16V71
  • 16V71T
  • 16V71TA

For more information on V71 Series engines, please visit our Detroit Diesel documentation page.
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